Saturday, May 2, 2015

When the Giraffe get Birth....

This is amazing heartwarming pictures of a giraffe giving birth in the Serengeti Tanzania, while out on safari  After about 30 minutes the baby came out bit by bit, and finally fell about two metres on to its back, Only 15 seconds later, the newborn lifted its head and the mother started cleaning it carefully.”

Kongoni 4X4 Jeep

Our Safaris are usually conducted by road in our own 4x4 Jeep, carefully maintained Safari vehicles for the majority of the journey with pop up open roof that gives you a closer and friendly game viewing, passing through some of Africa’s most unique and diverse country side.

The Fighting and the Killing Game

Careful planning of your trip well in advance of your arrival will ensure that when you leave Africa, your trip will have been a memorable one packed with adventures and the rare opportunity to have experienced the diverse and un-spoilt beauty of Africa at its best.